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José M. Cantos Ruiz

"I always have a notebook handy to write down whatever comes to mind. A conversation, something I've read, the sight of a landscape, can provide me with the inspiration for a design and then, for a work of art. But mainly I feed on the tradition and history of gold and silver craft."

Blanca María González

"My workshop restores many of the works of art from the baroque, renaissance and gothic periods that form part of the heritage of our confraternities and museums. The contact with these works of art gives rise to new ideas. Daily life and every-day feelings inspire my drawings and designs, which, with time, go changing, maturing and eventually emerge as works of art. A work of art is not born over night"

Antonio Gómez Macarró

"I'm inspired by the history of the city I live in, Tarragona. Simply walking through its streets or visiting the archaeological museum is enough to reach the workshop full of ideas and inspiration. It's not merely about making reproductions, but about making a work of art about reality. Reproductions are never an exact copy of a work of art or an Item, but rather a vision of it. I make not only reproductions of museum artworks, but also of architectural details, for instance from the cathedral."

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