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Museums and Collections of Silverware in Ioannina

In Epiros, particularly in Ioannina, can be found some outstanding works of ecclesiastical silverware, a variety of jewellery worn with the Epirot costume, and interesting functional objects in churches, monasteries, villages and private collections. There follows a list of the most important collections in the town of Ioannina.

The "Treasury" of the Byzantine Museum of Ioannina houses a display of ecclesiastical and secular artefacts drawn from collections donated to the museum by Spyridon Vlachos, the Metropolitan Bishop of Ioannina, and Vapheiadis.
The Municipal Museum of Ioannina (Aslan pasha mosque) has a display of mainly secular items donated by Vapheiadis, V. Pyrsinella, and the Bekas family.
The collection of the University of Ioannina Folk Museum.
The important collection of the Society for Epirot Studies, the exhibits of which are no longer on view to the public.
The collection of the Metropolita+n See of Ioannina.
The Ph. Rapakousis Museum.
The Chatzis private collection.

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