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Responsibilities of the co-organisers

Project Leader

PRISMA - Centre for Development Studies
is an independent research and planning consultancy with a long experience in transnational cultural projects, including material heritage, literature, ethnography and the performing arts. Other areas of specialisation include integrated local and regional development, social inclusion and the evaluation and management of EU programmes.

Contact person: Fouli Papageorgiou, e-mail:

Project Co-organisers

8th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities
is an autonomous directorate of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, based in Ioannina, Epirus, with responsibility for excavations, surveillance and conservation of the byzantine antiquities in the regions of Epirus and parts of the regions of Ionian Islands and Western Greece. The Ephorate is also in charge of the Byzantine Museum of Ioannina, which includes a large section of silver exhibits of the post-byzantine period mostly.

Contact person: Frangiska Kephallonitou, e-mail:

Academy of Balkan Civilization
is a non profit institution which undertakes:

Promotion of cultural cooperation in the Balkan region
Implementation of national and EU programmes that promote education and culture.
Strengthening of the links between national and international organisations that have an interest in education, fine arts, literature and culture more generally.

Contact person: Kiril Liubomirov Topalov, e-mail:

Consultaria Viridiana SL

is a consultancy, member of Viridiana Group's business, with a long experience in business management, projects design, entrepreneurial and professional associations, research collaboration, development and innovation of cultural, social or technological projects. Consultaria Viridiana SL also maintains a narrow link with the Government, whose participation is constant in different projects. Consultoria Viridiana, S.L. owns qualified staff as well as managing "ad hoc" teams.

Contact person: Antonio Morlanes, e-mail:
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