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Aims & Objectives

The project partners have undertaken the following activities:

Organise and hold an end-of -project international conference in Ioannina, Greece, to disseminate and discuss the results of the project.
Conduct research in the three participating countries, i.e. Greece, Spain and Bulgaria, to establish the historical background to the development of silver art and crafts and identify typical examples of silverwork, presenting a variety of techniques and design motifs.
Compile an inventory ("thesaurus") of characteristic and interesting silver craft and art items from medieval times until our days, originating from the three participating countries and create a databank of techniques and design motifs. Publish the "thesaurus" on the web site and in CD-Rom.
Create a training package for silver craftsmen, to demonstrate how traditional design may be used as inspiration for contemporary creative and innovative design, aided by modern technology. Organise seminars for craftsmen in the three participating countries. Publish the training material in electronic format and in print.
Organise and hold an exhibition in each participant country, showing the common roots of the European silver art and craft tradition and the inspiration provided by tradition to contemporary artists and craftsmen. The exhibition will be accompanied by a printed Guide.
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