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Aims & Objectives

The tangible results of the project include:

A "thesaurus" of silver art and craft techniques and design motifs, originating from the three participating countries, i.e. Greece, Spain and Bulgaria, published in electronic format (website and CD-Rom) in four languages (English, Greek, Spanish, Bulgarian) aimed at silver artists and craftsmen, researchers and design professionals.
Three exhibitions held in Ioannina, Varna and Barcelona, showing the common roots of the European silver art and craft tradition and the inspiration provided by this tradition to contemporary artists and craftsmen.
Publication of an Exhibition Guide in four languages, as above.
Training material for delivery to silver craftsmen, demonstrating how traditional design may be used as inspiration for contemporary creative and innovative design, aided by modern technology, published in the languages of the participating countries.
Three training seminars for silver craftsmen in Ioannina, Varna and Barcelona.
An international conference in Ioannina, in September 2005.
A dedicated web site, brochures and other publicity materials.
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